Wrapping Up 2020

“Broken Arrow” captured by yours truly. It’s been an experience. Whenever my husband and I talk about things that aren’t so great in life, he does such a good job of framing it as part of life’s experiences. how could we appreciate the magical if everything was wonderful all the time? I think about where … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2020

Covid Mental Health and Recovery

People have a lot of feelings about 12 Step work. I know I am not in the greatest place emotionally because of Covid. I know I need help, but the thought of trying to search out a therapist who understands seems exhausting. I also know, from speaking to other patients, that many therapists have not … Continue reading Covid Mental Health and Recovery

Covid Activism

This sunny Friday in October started with me being interviewed by Jeanne Pinder at Clear Health Costs. She is a journalist doing research on Covid and children. I was connected to her by Body Politic, an amazing grassroots organization out of New York City. Body Politic was a group of Covid patients who realized they … Continue reading Covid Activism

The Dog Days of April

Reality had set in. The extended spring break for my children transitioned into schools closed for the foreseeable future; and then distance learning commenced. April was a month of suspended disbelief. Yet, reality had set in. Divisions were starting.  I was all over the place emotionally. I enjoy physical exercise and am a runner first … Continue reading The Dog Days of April