Covid Treatment “IRL”

I have done some public speaking (on Zoom of course) about my experience with Covid-19. A common question I get is related to treatment. I want to start by saying - there is no one treatment for Covid. There are a number of things doctors have done that have worked, but there is no one … Continue reading Covid Treatment “IRL”

Covid Vaccines: The next frontier

2020 has been a rollercoaster of drama. Obviously, the pandemic itself has developed enough stress for everyone. Then as a nation we debated our response. Soon after we were trying to decide the efficacy of masks. States became "blue states" and "red states" pitted against each other based on their individual responses. Judgement cast on … Continue reading Covid Vaccines: The next frontier

The Dark Days of Covid

A gorgeous December sun... As predicted, we are heading into (or are already in) the winter of Covid. Those of us that live in urban areas saw exactly how ugly this disease can get back in the early months of the year. The difference is that in the spring people actually cared. In the spring, … Continue reading The Dark Days of Covid