Lessons Learned by One Man

In the short 47 years of my life, I have been committed to personal growth and learning. Even when experiencing bad times, I try and take a moment to reflect what it is teaching me. I learned a lot from contracting Covid. Testing is not as readily available as we have been lead to believe. … Continue reading Lessons Learned by One Man

Covid Mental Health and Recovery

People have a lot of feelings about 12 Step work. I know I am not in the greatest place emotionally because of Covid. I know I need help, but the thought of trying to search out a therapist who understands seems exhausting. I also know, from speaking to other patients, that many therapists have not … Continue reading Covid Mental Health and Recovery

Covid Weapons

Since it has become clear that Covid-19 is not letting up, I thought I would spend a blog post on items we found particularly important while recuperating from the virus. The two most important things you MUST have on hand are a good working thermometer (make sure you have back up batteries) and a pulse … Continue reading Covid Weapons

Therapeutics and Treatment

The President has been in the hospital for a few days now. I am amazed watching him forgo all normal medical protocols for people with Covid-19. Most individuals hospitalized are placed in an isolation room to avoid infecting others. There are no visitors. They are placed on whatever supports they may need - oxygen, fluids, … Continue reading Therapeutics and Treatment

45 Days of Covid

Here I am at day 45 from when I was first symptomatic. I am 41 days out from my positive test. I woke up with a headache. I still can’t taste or smell. My sleep is disturbed. I’m tired. I generally don’t feel well. Yesterday was very surreal for me. I tend to not believe … Continue reading 45 Days of Covid

Laugh or Cry

I’ve seen a lot of doctors lately. I haven’t heard a lot of good news. My daughter, who’s asthma has been under control for years, is back at square one. Her pediatric pulmonologist left us with this message, “We will do the follow up lung X-ray in the spring if nothing gets worse. You shouldn’t … Continue reading Laugh or Cry

The Anger Phase

I am so angry today. I have no right to be. I survived this. I am alive. As of today, 200,000 people have passed from Covid-19 according to Johns Hopkins. I can’t even wrap my head around how we have let this happen month after month. Covid survivors get very little in the way of … Continue reading The Anger Phase

The Depression

Today is the four week anniversary of my positive Covid-19 test. I really expected to feel better by now. I do feel better, but I don’t feel better. The gnawing headaches that live at the base of my skull burn day and night. Sometimes it is just the burning, ache in my neck and brain … Continue reading The Depression

The New Normal

When August began, we started to feel almost normal. I might be stretching things here, but we had created a life that was manageable given restrictions and our personal needs. My daughter was playing hockey and golfing. My son was dancing at his studio. I did not plan to venture back to a gym, and … Continue reading The New Normal

Well Crap

My daughter is evidence that Covid-19 messes with kids, too. She tested positive on August 21, 2020. She was 15 at the time. She struggles with Ankylosing Spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. Her quarterly injections make her immunocompromised. She has been terribly anxious since the pandemic started ... worrying endlessly about the virus and what it … Continue reading Well Crap