Wrapping Up 2020

“Broken Arrow” captured by yours truly. It’s been an experience. Whenever my husband and I talk about things that aren’t so great in life, he does such a good job of framing it as part of life’s experiences. how could we appreciate the magical if everything was wonderful all the time? I think about where … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2020

Because of Covid …

Ever since becoming infected with Covid-19, I have wondered so many things ... How will my body react a week from now? A year from now? Ten years from now? Who are my real friends? Do they really care to understand or does the reality of the infection frighten them too much to let too … Continue reading Because of Covid …

The Depression

Today is the four week anniversary of my positive Covid-19 test. I really expected to feel better by now. I do feel better, but I don’t feel better. The gnawing headaches that live at the base of my skull burn day and night. Sometimes it is just the burning, ache in my neck and brain … Continue reading The Depression

The Dog Days of April

Reality had set in. The extended spring break for my children transitioned into schools closed for the foreseeable future; and then distance learning commenced. April was a month of suspended disbelief. Yet, reality had set in. Divisions were starting.  I was all over the place emotionally. I enjoy physical exercise and am a runner first … Continue reading The Dog Days of April