I just thought I was going to die

I remember so clearly receiving the phone call on August 24th that both of my children and my ex-husband were Covid positive. The first thought that crossed my mind is - I am going to die. I imagined being locked in a zero pressure hospital room with nurses and doctors in PPE caring for me … Continue reading I just thought I was going to die

Wrapping Up 2020

“Broken Arrow” captured by yours truly. It’s been an experience. Whenever my husband and I talk about things that aren’t so great in life, he does such a good job of framing it as part of life’s experiences. how could we appreciate the magical if everything was wonderful all the time? I think about where … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2020

Being a Covid Long Hauler

The idea of the "Covid long haul" patient started to emerge in the summer. Patients from New York who had been infected in the spring started speaking out about their symptoms dragging on for weeks and months. The 10-14 day window for many was stretching out well beyond what anyone could predict. The severity of … Continue reading Being a Covid Long Hauler

Covid Testing and Contact Tracing

Credit: Centers for Disease Control Symptom Check: Before I get into today's post, I thought I should share an update. I am currently 68 days since I first had symptoms and 64 days since my positive test. As of today, I still do not have my taste and smell. I have fleeting moments when I … Continue reading Covid Testing and Contact Tracing