Demonizing Science

I was reading a recent article from Nature magazine titled, "How Trump damaged science - and why it could take decades to recover". This has been the most astonishing, and terrifying, development of 2020; the demonization of science by the current administration. Although the President seemed to understand the dangers of the virus in his … Continue reading Demonizing Science

Lessons Learned by One Man

In the short 47 years of my life, I have been committed to personal growth and learning. Even when experiencing bad times, I try and take a moment to reflect what it is teaching me. I learned a lot from contracting Covid. Testing is not as readily available as we have been lead to believe. … Continue reading Lessons Learned by One Man

Here We Go Again

Credit: New York Times online, October 20, 2020 There is no missing it, the United States is heading in the wrong direction when it comes to Covid-19 infections. I am deeply worried and conflicted when I hear this news. During last night's evening news, I heard people speaking of "Covid fatigue". Today marks the two … Continue reading Here We Go Again

Covid Mental Health and Recovery

People have a lot of feelings about 12 Step work. I know I am not in the greatest place emotionally because of Covid. I know I need help, but the thought of trying to search out a therapist who understands seems exhausting. I also know, from speaking to other patients, that many therapists have not … Continue reading Covid Mental Health and Recovery

Covid Weapons

Since it has become clear that Covid-19 is not letting up, I thought I would spend a blog post on items we found particularly important while recuperating from the virus. The two most important things you MUST have on hand are a good working thermometer (make sure you have back up batteries) and a pulse … Continue reading Covid Weapons

For God’s Sake – Testing!

The New York Times has an excellent article about testing in today’s paper. What I like about today’s article is that it transcends the usual political arguments between the two parties. At this point it is clear that the Democrats want to throw a lot of money at the virus, but there is not a … Continue reading For God’s Sake – Testing!

Covid Activism

This sunny Friday in October started with me being interviewed by Jeanne Pinder at Clear Health Costs. She is a journalist doing research on Covid and children. I was connected to her by Body Politic, an amazing grassroots organization out of New York City. Body Politic was a group of Covid patients who realized they … Continue reading Covid Activism

Neurological Covid

Covid is a strange disease. I look forward to learning more about it in the future - since that is how science works. I chuckle listening to people who have never had it talk about it as though they know anything. Unless you’ve had it, work in the medical profession with Covid patients in a … Continue reading Neurological Covid

Taste and Smell

This is easily the strangest and most anxiety inducing symptom of Covid. When I look back, I can see signs that my taste and smell were changing in the week leading up to my positive test. This alone makes me wonder when I was contagious and perhaps spreading the virus. Thankfully, we didn’t go many … Continue reading Taste and Smell


Yesterday I received my normal infusion of Remicade that I receive every 8 weeks for my Ankylosing Spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis. I am really hoping that this might help combat the remaining Covid complications. Yesterday was an incredibly hard day. I finally came to terms with a lot of people in my life about how … Continue reading Boundaries