Once Upon a Time, I Ran a Marathon ….

The Chicago Marathon 2019 It is incredible to consider that a year ago right now I was running the Chicago Marathon. I was running as part of the Team Joints in Motion for the Arthritis Foundation. I had raised $1200, I had been training since June, and I was trotting my arthritic body through the … Continue reading Once Upon a Time, I Ran a Marathon ….

The New Normal

When August began, we started to feel almost normal. I might be stretching things here, but we had created a life that was manageable given restrictions and our personal needs. My daughter was playing hockey and golfing. My son was dancing at his studio. I did not plan to venture back to a gym, and … Continue reading The New Normal

June Was a Rollercoaster

June was a heavy month in 2020. The murder of George Floyd split the country wide open. Peaceful protests, looting, arson, rioting ... just as Chicago was trying to partially reopen amid the pandemic, people were sheltering back in their homes. My parents live in downtown Chicago. Bridges were raised to try and control movement … Continue reading June Was a Rollercoaster

The Dog Days of April

Reality had set in. The extended spring break for my children transitioned into schools closed for the foreseeable future; and then distance learning commenced. April was a month of suspended disbelief. Yet, reality had set in. Divisions were starting.  I was all over the place emotionally. I enjoy physical exercise and am a runner first … Continue reading The Dog Days of April

The Beginning

This was March 15, 2020. We had no idea. We still don't. Do I sound like another doom scroll about COVID-19? I may, but I am convinced that as little as we knew then, not much has changed. I started wearing a mask on March 15, 2020. Please don't debate me on the efficacy of … Continue reading The Beginning