Covid Headaches 2.0

The Covid headache is a symptom I wish on no one. I have spoken with a number of survivors over the months, and for those of us with this symptom, we all agree that it is a headache like no other. An incredibly intense headache like no other is the first symptom I ever had … Continue reading Covid Headaches 2.0

The Dark Days of Covid

A gorgeous December sun... As predicted, we are heading into (or are already in) the winter of Covid. Those of us that live in urban areas saw exactly how ugly this disease can get back in the early months of the year. The difference is that in the spring people actually cared. In the spring, … Continue reading The Dark Days of Covid

Covid Self Care

Everyone has written how to care for ourselves during the pandemic. Therapy and doctor's appointments of all kinds have gone virtual. Gyms are in various stages depending on where you live pushing workouts online. When this all started my enthusiasm was high. I, like many people, felt this was very temporary. Surely our country will … Continue reading Covid Self Care

Sharing My Experience

One piece of Covid/autoimmune life that I have really enjoyed has been connecting with others. Although my journey has been a long one, it has given me the opportunity to meet people around the world who have been suffering as I have - and many, much worse. I also have learned so much about being … Continue reading Sharing My Experience

What are we doing?

November 2020 National Geographic Chicago had its first documented Covid -19 case almost 11 months ago. I have taken some time to reflect on what has actually changed. Sadly, not a whole lot. On the news I still see long lines of cars waiting to be tested for the virus. People are still fighting over … Continue reading What are we doing?

A Woman in the White House

This was quite an election. I don't want to go into the politics of Republican or Democrat or the myriad of other things causing drama around this election. I have never believed in conspiracy theories no matter what purpose they serve, so there is no need for me to start now. When Hillary Clinton lost … Continue reading A Woman in the White House

Reluctant Covid Believers

So its 10 weeks of Covid for me now. The last few days have been pretty bad and I am feeling angry and frustrated. Last night, in a fit of desperation, I broke down and doubled my Topamax dosage. Think about that, in order to hope for any sort of relief from my lingering Covid-19 … Continue reading Reluctant Covid Believers

Activism in the Time of Covid

2020 has made it hard to connect. There were many months that the best I could do was pick a local charity to send money to each week. Sometimes I took food over to the local food bank. Being a social activist is something that matters to me and is a part of who I … Continue reading Activism in the Time of Covid