How an Insurrection Brought Me Back to 9/11

This picture hangs in my office. I will never forget. I lost many people on 9/11. Like everyone, I watched in horror was planes flew into buildings and threatened our nation’s Capitol. I set up a 1-800 phone line for employees and their families to contact us. We sat in a phone bank for hours … Continue reading How an Insurrection Brought Me Back to 9/11

Happiness as a Choice

Even the dog gets it. I had struggled with autoimmune diseases for years prior to contracting Covid-19. I am a member of various Facebook groups and have social media friends that share my struggles. I have been able to connect with some great people in real life. One I even met at mile 13 of … Continue reading Happiness as a Choice

Adios 2020, and everyone else? Quit your complaining!!!

I would like to anoint 2020 not as the year of Covid, but the year no one stopped complaining...ever. Every time I thought we reached the moment that it would quit, new things were found to complain about. Sometimes it was hilarious. But most of the people complaining? Didn’t really have much to complain about … Continue reading Adios 2020, and everyone else? Quit your complaining!!!

I just thought I was going to die

I remember so clearly receiving the phone call on August 24th that both of my children and my ex-husband were Covid positive. The first thought that crossed my mind is - I am going to die. I imagined being locked in a zero pressure hospital room with nurses and doctors in PPE caring for me … Continue reading I just thought I was going to die

Wrapping Up 2020

“Broken Arrow” captured by yours truly. It’s been an experience. Whenever my husband and I talk about things that aren’t so great in life, he does such a good job of framing it as part of life’s experiences. how could we appreciate the magical if everything was wonderful all the time? I think about where … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2020

Eating in A Tent in the Winter

A local eatery trying to make it work in 2020. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for dinner. She is a teacher, and coupled with my Covid, we had not seen each other since August! She had been out to dinner once already in the outdoor tents that have been constructed … Continue reading Eating in A Tent in the Winter

I went to 2020 and all I got was Covid and $600…

No this is not some liberal post. Mitch is hardly the only politician that did an incredibly poor job representing his constituents in 2020. If you consider yourself strongly on one side of the aisle, you have to consider this was not a partisan failure. This was a governmental failure across the board. I have … Continue reading I went to 2020 and all I got was Covid and $600…

Yes, I still have symptoms…

122 days.... The other day I was having a conversation with my "mortgage guy". Amazingly, even though I bought the house in March, I already could save money on a refinance. We started talking about everything that has happened since I made the purchase, and of course we migrated to the topic of Covid. I … Continue reading Yes, I still have symptoms…

Covid Treatment “IRL”

I have done some public speaking (on Zoom of course) about my experience with Covid-19. A common question I get is related to treatment. I want to start by saying - there is no one treatment for Covid. There are a number of things doctors have done that have worked, but there is no one … Continue reading Covid Treatment “IRL”

Being a Covid Long Hauler

The idea of the "Covid long haul" patient started to emerge in the summer. Patients from New York who had been infected in the spring started speaking out about their symptoms dragging on for weeks and months. The 10-14 day window for many was stretching out well beyond what anyone could predict. The severity of … Continue reading Being a Covid Long Hauler