Happiness as a Choice

Even the dog gets it.

I had struggled with autoimmune diseases for years prior to contracting Covid-19. I am a member of various Facebook groups and have social media friends that share my struggles. I have been able to connect with some great people in real life. One I even met at mile 13 of the Chicago Marathon!

However, there is definitely a very depressing and negative undercurrent in some of these communities. Posts that show endless doctors and hospital visits, and a general sense that nothing will ever get better. I remember reading these early after my diagnosis and realized they would do nothing for my health.

When I became sick in August, and a bit more lucid, I also sought out online support groups. The panic is real because we know so little about this virus. People exhibit endless symptoms. Two teenagers have recently died in the Chicago area from Covid. There is a lot of very heavy and difficult information and emotions to parse through.

I also figured out pretty quickly, just like I did with my autoimmune diseases, that closely following all of it does not serve me. It doesn’t take away the lingering symptoms I still have. It doesn’t help the fight I am in to regain health I had pre-Covid. It’s a mental block I don’t want in my life.

I am not anti-support groups. I actually am a support group leader for the Spondylitis Association of America. What I can’t bring in to my emotional being is the endless social media deluge of sickness. I want to be well, and to be well, I must surround myself with wellness. I’m already loving 2021.

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