Adios 2020, and everyone else? Quit your complaining!!!

I would like to anoint 2020 not as the year of Covid, but the year no one stopped complaining…ever. Every time I thought we reached the moment that it would quit, new things were found to complain about. Sometimes it was hilarious. But most of the people complaining? Didn’t really have much to complain about this year.

I have admitted over and over that we have been incredibly fortunate in 2020 – even with catching Covid. No one I know personally lost their job, business, or home. However, I do have hundreds of friends on social media that complained day after day about anything and everything.

What a miserable existence. I feel so sad for these people that have wasted 12 months (or at least 9-10) in such states of unhappiness. Some would argue its “the lockdowns”. Let’s not fool ourselves Americans, in 2020 we were NEVER locked down. If you grocery shopped – you weren’t locked down. If you got your hair or nails done – you weren’t locked down. If you went for a bike ride – you weren’t locked down. So let’s all quit that false narrative.

I hope that 2021 is a year when people can get happy. Like really excited about their lives regardless of the obstacles. I could not be more energized heading into a new adventure. In the famous words of Jerry Maguire, “Who’s coming with me?”

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