Wrapping Up 2020

“Broken Arrow” captured by yours truly.

It’s been an experience.

Whenever my husband and I talk about things that aren’t so great in life, he does such a good job of framing it as part of life’s experiences. how could we appreciate the magical if everything was wonderful all the time?

I think about where I was mentally, professionally, and spiritually a year ago and I cannot believe I am the same person. I have 2020 to thank for moving me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to do more and be more. To become the me I want to be, not the me that society thinks I should be.

Moving in this direction was already happening. It has been a slow four year journey of addition and subtraction in my life. I no longer mourn friends who are now strangers. We had our time. I celebrate the ones who are still here and the ones I have made on my path.

I take yoga online. I could go in person here, but yoga in a mask doesn’t seem very peaceful to me. Online, live classes bring me a wider variety of teachers and styles. Yesterday, I was speaking with a teacher I enjoy. She hosts a number of classes, but her Sunday class is a favorite. Currently, she is teaching from a beautiful mountain in Sedona. She opens her classroom, and a whole world opens for us to connect.

Yesterday we chatted about the weather in Sedona, the weather in Chicago, and the weather in Northern Michigan where we both are from. I let her know I bought the book she has been using to share meaningful passages during class. We connected. A 2020 connection that only happened BECAUSE of 2020.

And that, I celebrate.

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