I went to 2020 and all I got was Covid and $600…

No this is not some liberal post. Mitch is hardly the only politician that did an incredibly poor job representing his constituents in 2020. If you consider yourself strongly on one side of the aisle, you have to consider this was not a partisan failure. This was a governmental failure across the board. I have friends that feel very strongly about how “blue states” have ruined everything. I also have friends that feel if they “just lived in a red state” that it would all be better. I don’t think either one of these is 100% correct, and that is because people are so splintered to think one is right and another is wrong.

What if we just looked at it all for what it is? The politicians are just people. Some are smart, some should probably retire, many are incredibly rich, some have some pretty shady business dealings, and others are still naïve to Washington or their new positions of power. They all made decisions based on their stories and the experiences they bring to the table. Many probably feel they are acting in good faith. Others might see a pandemic as a wonderful economic opportunity. Regardless, they are humans that we have expected to be saviors.

Businesses have been shuttered in one way or another for most of the year in some places. In other places, hospitals are overwhelmed and staffing issues abound. Is one right and one wrong? What if they just both “were”. I can look at both of those situations as both concerning and tragic for different reasons. On one hand I expected our governmental response to be different, and yet that expectation is probably what leaves so many distraught. Regardless of what any of us “expected” the governmental response to be, it is probably not the ideas we had in our minds. So how do we feel? We feel angry. Disappointed. Misled. Disenfranchised.

Perhaps the current president truly said it best, “It is what it is”. That is abundantly true of a virus. We can negate it, deny it, fight it, run from it, and make jokes of it, but it is still a virus and it will do what a virus does. It will infect people. This virus seems terribly contagious, and if recent news reports are correct, it is only becoming more so. People are becoming very sick and some are dying. Others are walking away feeling as though they barely had the sniffles. Is one right or wrong?

What if we removed judgement? Just accepted things as they come? I have found, in 2020, that rolling with things is infinitely easier than fighting everything. However, I come at this from a very fortunate place. I have my job and so does my husband. Our housing and food have never come into question. Does this make it easier for me to “just roll with it”? I am certain it does. I do believe that accepting a current reality is often a path to a new, and possibly more rewarding, reality. If I was struggling to put food on the table and pay my rent would I feel the same? If I really was dependent on my elected officials to get it right, would I be so forgiving of their human-ness?

Balancing the many feelings of 2020 has been challenging. I have learned to let go of so many things that bound me tightly. As a result, I am seeing so many opportunities that I would not have even considered prior to the madness of this year. I hope others can find joy in letting go. Holding tightly won’t make the future “right” or “wrong”, but it can help some release and find themselves in the midst of the chaos.

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