Covid Headaches 2.0

The Covid headache is a symptom I wish on no one. I have spoken with a number of survivors over the months, and for those of us with this symptom, we all agree that it is a headache like no other. An incredibly intense headache like no other is the first symptom I ever had of Covid on August 20th. It stretched from my forehead to the middle of my shoulder blades and made doing anything impossible.

During the thick of my illness, the headaches were completely intolerable. Upon reflection, I should have probably gone to the hospital at this point. I don’t know if that would have done anything different, but I would have liked to get their input. This was before the President was infected and before therapeutics were being used, so I am not sure what they would have prescribed. At home I tried everything and nothing lessened the pain. It hurt so deeply at the base of my skull and burned my brain. I truly felt like my head could explode. Sitting up caused horrible waves of dizziness and nausea. At times I just laid on the bathroom floor.

Occasionally, I would be able to get the right combination of ibuprofen or Tylenol or arthritis cream or ice to be more comfortable. At these times I might text a friend or two. This is when I could get up and shower. Mostly, if I got myself comfortable, I either slept or stared listlessly at the wall. I never really understood malaise until contracting Covid. It took weeks to break that desire to just lay there and stare at the wall or ceiling.

I am now about 15 weeks out from the first Covid headache. The original Topamax I was placed on for migraines backfired on me terribly causing a relapse of many symptoms. I was switched to Depakote and so far it seems to be working better. By the end of a long day, I will feel the pain creeping into the base of my skull or causing tension across my forehead. A lot of computer use will cause this. If I am struggling with too many phantom smells (still perfume or burning) I will feel more head pain.

Above are some new things I started using. The Sinus Calm is really amazing when I am dealing with a lot of phantom smells. It is subtle, but after a matter of minutes I notice I feel less “stuffy” and that the smells will subside. The arnica tablets are also a great natural pain reliever. These are also a bit more subtle but they do a nice job of releasing what feels like tension pain in the base of my skull and in my neck. Lastly, is the amazing topical by Dr. Bronner’s. This has really been a miracle and now the whole family uses it. I will put this on my neck or across my forehead and it works wonders to relax me.

I am feeling more in control of my headaches at the moment. I realize that could change, but at least I have more of an idea of what works and what doesn’t. I also have a few more weapons for battle.

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