I finally got my brain MRI!

I honestly never thought the day would come. Thanks to the amazing work of the ER doctor I saw on the 5th, I was able to get into a neurologist and get a brain MRI speedier than I thought possible. After being told I need a therapist and told “I wish there was something I could do”, it once again pays off to be your own advocate. The lidocaine work of the ER has really helped. Additionally, the neurologist switched me from Topamax to Depakote which has made a world of difference.

The hospital was busy when I arrived yesterday. Being that my husband works at another larger hospital, I knew things would be hectic. Thankfully, radiology is tucked away from the busiest parts of the building, and I was able to get in and out quickly – amazingly in an hour! This is nothing short of miraculous in a Chicago area hospital, and I was thrilled to be moved along so quickly. Although I don’t recommend a brain MRI (with and without contrast) during a pandemic and in a mask, I am glad to have it finished. Many post Covid patients are seeing legion like patches on the brain, and I am curious to see if I have been afflicted with this as well.

Things are quieting back down again. My children are back with 100% remote schooling, and hockey tournaments in Michigan were cancelled. Sadly, all these months later, we are still here.

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