I finally saw a neurologist!

I was so lucky to be able to get an appointment so quickly with a neurologist thanks to my ER visit last week! I had tried at my local hospital and could not get in until January 2021. I had tried at another hospital and could not get in until April 2021. This appointment was truly a blessing.

I had stopped taking the Topamax last week since I was pretty sure it was the cause of many of my issues. Come to find out, I was probably right. My congestion has diminished, the emotional rollercoaster has slowed, and the overall flu like symptoms seem to have abated. I still am not headache free, but at least I don’t feel like I had full blown Covid again.

The doctor definitely had a strange manner, but he seemed concerned about the lack of care I had received at this point. He was concerned no one had ordered blood work, he was wondering why I was being dosed the way I was on Topamax (apparently nothing close to how it should be used for migraines), and he was even more concerned that it took me going to the ER to get a CT scan and that no one had ordered an MRI.

I am not blaming anyone – and either was he. The frustration with trying to treat patients like myself is palpable. He decided to have me try a different medication that would hopefully give me less side effects. The doctor had me do a blood draw, and immediately ordered an MRI with and without contrast that I will get next week.

Everyone who has ever been a patient with a complex illness knows what a wonderful relief it is to be listened to. Every last person knows how good it feels to be heard and have some action taken as a result.

I may not be fixed, but just feeling as though progress is being made is enough. One step forward is all I wanted.

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