Medical Trial and Error

Well, this was unexpected fun. I was placed on Topamax at the end of September. For the first few weeks, the results were great. My headaches improved dramatically. Then towards the end of October, the wheels started to fall off the bus again. I was aching all over, I was congested, the smell of smoke was suffocating. The headaches were worse than they ever were. I had no appetite, I was emotional, dizzy, nauseated and losing weight like crazy. Every inch of my body was hurting, and I felt like I had regressed weeks in my recovery. I was desperate for help, and decided to head to the ER.

Most autoimmune people avoid the ER like the plague. However, I packed myself up and drove to Glenview to the hospital. My thought is that if I go to a smaller hospital, I can avoid the worst of the crowds that are forming in hospitals everywhere. I got there and was immediately triaged. My blood pressure was high, I had a low grade fever, and I could barely sit in the wheel chair I was so uncomfortable and nauseated. It took about 90 minutes to 2 hours, but thankfully, they were able to get me in.

The medical staff was amazing. Seriously, I had the kindest group of doctors and nurses. They are beleaguered and tired after so many months spent fighting the virus, but they were still so positive and uplifting! Right away I was put on IV, given a migraine cocktail, and a CT was ordered. Thankfully the CT was clear. Once I was more comfortable, she used lidocaine to help numb nerves in my head by sticking small tubes up my nose and dripping the lidocaine into my head. It wasn’t the most comfortable procedure, but it definitely did help with the tension.

After a few hours of being monitored, and seeing my fever and blood pressure come down, they felt I was ready to go home. The ER doctor was wonderful about setting me up with a neurologist so that I could get someone to give me a better look. I may not be fixed, but I am sure happy to be making progress.

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