Good News!

I am so excited to share a good news post. Yesterday my daughter had a follow up appointment with her internist. The appointment happened to fall exactly two months to the day since her positive Covid-19 test. She has had a long road. She lost her taste a smell, spent many listless days in bed, struggled to get her school year off and running, and managed to golf part of her season. She also spent time in the emergency room and the hospital with significant bronchial issues that the doctors assumed was inflammation related to Covid.

The doctor was happy to see how well she was doing. At the last appointment she was swollen from steroids and agitated from the albuterol. The last visit showed significant restriction when trying to take in air, and fluid was definitely present on the lungs. The pulmonologist had upped the dosages of all her old asthma medicines, so we had spent the last few weeks waiting to see how she would adjust. Thankfully, things sound good.

Today is my son’s first day back at school since mid-March. He is attending as part of a hybrid program at his middle school. He will be going for two half days during the week as long as our local communities can keep our positivity rates below 8%. I am apprehensive, but no longer about the virus. We assume we now have some built in protection. I am actually a bit concerned about his mental health.

As much as it sounds “healthier” to have him back at school, I am not convinced that is the case. He will have two academic classes during the three hours he is there. He will sit in a plexi-glass surround at his desk. Any movements to the washroom or in the classroom are closely monitored. Everyone is masked. Teachers are also behind plexi-glass. The other half of the students are at home on their computers. No one eats at the school. No one can use a water fountain. While I certainly understand these protocols are necessary, I don’t relish the image of my masked son sitting in a plastic box for three hours. He wants to participate, and I support him. I know he is excited to see his friends.

I know it will likely not last.

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