Covid Mental Health and Recovery

People have a lot of feelings about 12 Step work. I know I am not in the greatest place emotionally because of Covid. I know I need help, but the thought of trying to search out a therapist who understands seems exhausting. I also know, from speaking to other patients, that many therapists have not been as supportive as people would like, and actually damaging due to their lack of knowledge.

I have been poking around the Body Politic, Covid channels on Slack. I am new to Slack so I am learning how it works to connect people. Thanks to this amazing community I was connected with the journalists I spoke with on Friday. Thanks to this community I was made aware of virtual social opportunities for those in Covid recovery.

I was amazed at the variety of Zoom meetings to connect with others. One day there might be a yin yoga class, and another day someone might be chatting about health care provider resources. It is imperative that I interject here to say that this is all patient developed and driven. No one is helping us, so we must help ourselves. Somehow a horribly sick group of people who barely survived spring 2020 had the foresight to organize.

Timidly on this blustery Monday I logged on for my first support group meeting. I had grabbed a cup of tea and was nursing a painful headache. The past week has been relatively headache free, but relapse is not uncommon for long haulers with ongoing Covid symptoms. As Zoom flickered alive, I was greeted with a variety of different faces from all over the globe. I was home.

My God do these people get it – of course they get it! For many, Covid almost killed them! Many were infected back in March and are still stumbling through their physical and mental recovery. I was the baby of the group, popping in, “newly” infected in August. We all laughed about the 10-14 day recovery timeline we all expected. We all became tearful thinking of friends and family that have turned their backs on us when we needed them the most. We felt safe. We were heard. Everyone understood.

To say survivors need this is an understatement. We are sad

And angry

And alone

And afraid

And we know you are, too.

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