Covid Weapons

Since it has become clear that Covid-19 is not letting up, I thought I would spend a blog post on items we found particularly important while recuperating from the virus. The two most important things you MUST have on hand are a good working thermometer (make sure you have back up batteries) and a pulse oximeter. Low grade fevers are relatively common with Covid, so a temperature that hovers around 100 degrees is not unusual. However, if you do have a fever, please contact your health care professional. If your fever spikes, definitely contact a health care professional. My son’s fever went from 100 to 104 degrees extremely quick so it is important to be in contact with someone who can provide you with “next steps”.

The pulse oximeter is an amazing little tool that is integral in monitoring how the disease is affecting your heart and lungs. With this device (I think I ordered mine on Amazon for around $18), you can see your oxygenation levels and your pulse. My rheumatologist advised us to watch for oxygenation levels below 94%. I know some doctors say 92%. Either way, having these concrete numbers is very helpful if you have to contact a doctor or go to the hospital.

The next thing I recommend you have in the house is a lot of pain killers. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, migraine medicine, prescription anti-inflammatories, CBD, probiotics (I realize not a pain reliever but I was desperate), steroids, and now epilepsy medicine. I remember being stunned the amount of medication I would take in the day to just lift my head off the pillow without a massive adverse reaction. I would layer all different pain meds for muscle aches and headaches and joint pain and nothing really worked. If you have something stronger you will take it. Trust me.

Since the symptoms of Covid-19 are so varied, I also was using the following over the counter meds at various times. During the initial two weeks the flu like symptoms and congestion were significant. Sinus medications and cold and flu medicines helped ease some of the discomfort coupled with a variety of pain meds. Keep track of what you are taking! You will be very foggy and it will be easy to pile on more medications than you may be aware.

The other struggle for our entire family was the GI symptoms. Covid wreaked havoc on my internal organs and my digestion is still troubled to this day. I am very sensitive to food and easily feel nauseated or have diarrhea. All of us have used antacids, GasX, Imodium, and other things we can get our hands on to ease the gastrointestinal woes.

We are lucky that we live in a major metropolitan area. I can have any of these items delivered to my door, same day, in a matter of hours. I know that is not the case for everyone, so I wanted to share the things we found most useful during our recovery. Stock up! The months ahead are looking long.

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