Covid Activism

This sunny Friday in October started with me being interviewed by Jeanne Pinder at Clear Health Costs. She is a journalist doing research on Covid and children. I was connected to her by Body Politic, an amazing grassroots organization out of New York City. Body Politic was a group of Covid patients who realized they needed to advocate for themselves. I highly recommend you check out their website, and their community on Slack. I am forever thankful that Google introduced me to their work.

For the first time since I became sick with Covid I felt truly understood and heard. I was asked questions by people who clearly understood the physical, social, and emotional ramifications of this disease. We discussed everything from the different symptoms that people present to how politicized the virus has been from the beginning. The focus of the conversation was around children and their experiences with coronavirus, so I had an excellent opportunity to dispel many of the myths circulating about their role in the spread of the virus and how they respond to infection.

There is an almost easy give and take among people who have had Covid-19 or who are intimately familiar with it. I became instantly aware of their level of knowledge based on the questioning and felt validated in ways I have not by many of my friends and loved ones. Because of this, the entire experience felt therapeutic for me and also so empowering knowing that I will in some small way be helping others. Even though I am still working through my own recovery, I feel stronger today than I did yesterday because of my contribution.

The interviewers were in the heart of the storm in New York in the spring of 2020. At one point in our conversation, Jeanne said to me, “We hoped that the country would learn from us”. This statement was exactly what I remember thinking that panicked day in August when I was driving from testing location to testing location thinking, “This is crazy! It’s August! Have we learned nothing?” Jeanne and I somberly realized that many hours, days, weeks, and months later, we have accomplished so little.

I am incredibly thankful I had the opportunity to share my story and the story of my children. At the end of our conversation, I was informed they partner with other news sources and that I might be contacted. They asked if I was open to sharing my story with a larger audience. I am.

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