Because of Covid …

Ever since becoming infected with Covid-19, I have wondered so many things …

How will my body react a week from now? A year from now? Ten years from now?

Who are my real friends? Do they really care to understand or does the reality of the infection frighten them too much to let too much information in?

How will the world recover from how the pandemic, and 2020 at large, has splintered us?

What will we continue to learn about the virus? What treatments will become available? What vaccines will work, and not work? How many people will have to die?

How is the epilepsy medication impacting me on top of all the other medications I already take to manage my arthritis? Will I have to take it forever?

How has the current demonization of science, medicine, education, innovation, and globalization set us back decades or centuries? How have the short sighted choices in foreign policy set us up for economic failures or positioned us as a global enemy? How have we become so insulated and so nationalist? This is not who I am, is this who we are?

Many people think 2020 and the pandemic is the worst thing that ever happened to them. I don’t. For me it has been incredibly enlightening. Getting infected with Covid was incredibly challenging, but still I am able to learn so much about myself and my relationship to the world. I am a deep and philosophical thinker. It is a part of who I am. 2020 has given me the luxury to bathe in a lot of essential questioning. I am not afraid to ask, or eventually answer, the hard questions.

I have let 2020 be a beacon of what I want to be. A light illuminating the world I want to see. My contributions continue.

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