Therapeutics and Treatment

The President has been in the hospital for a few days now. I am amazed watching him forgo all normal medical protocols for people with Covid-19. Most individuals hospitalized are placed in an isolation room to avoid infecting others. There are no visitors. They are placed on whatever supports they may need – oxygen, fluids, IVs. They are not wandering around, they are not taking incredibly irresponsible car rides with other people putting their lives at risk! I am incredibly offended at his behavior and the message it is sending to others. I am disgusted that the doctors and hospital treating him are not in control of this situation. Although I am not surprised.

So treatment for Covid-19. Most people don’t get treatment. You stay home and suffer alone. I contacted my rheumatologist who told us to have a good thermometer and a oxygenation monitor. We were monitoring both and knew that if the numbers reached certain levels that we should go to the hospital. We largely used over the counter medications to try and struggle thru. I probably could have gone to the hospital considering how bad my headaches were, but I prefer home to the isolation room of a hospital so I stayed put.

During recovery was when we started needing more treatment. My neurological symptoms were terrible. Headaches, brain fog, word loss, and the pain was unbearable. My headaches did not respond to Sumatriptan, a migraine medicine. I was miserable and not sure what to do. My doctor decided to try Topiramate, a seizure medication. I can only take it at night because of the side effects, but at least I wake up with out a raging headache. Coupled with gabapentin, for nerve pain, it is getting me through.

I am so disappointed that at his time of infection, the President continues to spread misinformation. His experience is not AT ALL the experience of any person with Covid let alone one who needs hospital care. The message he is sending to his supporters about the seriousness of the virus is reckless, and once again, completely irresponsible as a leader.

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