45 Days of Covid

Here I am at day 45 from when I was first symptomatic. I am 41 days out from my positive test. I woke up with a headache. I still can’t taste or smell. My sleep is disturbed. I’m tired. I generally don’t feel well.

Yesterday was very surreal for me. I tend to not believe in conspiracy theories. Although my mind can go down many a rabbit hole, common sense tells me the President and his administration are experiencing an unfortunate outbreak. Nancy Pelosi said it could be faulty tests, and that seems like a logical conclusion.

I bet most people would be surprised to know I cried as I learned of the President’s worsening symptoms. I know how this disease can turn on a dime. As symptoms escalated to the point of him being moved to Walter Reed, I became increasingly anxious. I worried about the health of our nation. The leader of the free world is hospitalized with Covid-19.

There is a heavy weight to that.

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