My Phone is Blowing Up!

Yikes! I went to sleep knowing one of his top aides had tested positive. Listen. I am not a fan of how this administration has managed this virus. However, I certainly don’t wish ill will upon others. I firmly believed they had a solid testing and tracking system in the White House, even in all of Washington, to shield our government officials.

This concerns me on many levels. Is the White House testing and tracing program really just as messy as the one I encountered? Was the President really in that much denial? Had he given up? Had someone failed to protect the President? Some people are conspiring that it’s a lie and he doesn’t have it at all to roll out his vaccine … I guess in 2020 I am open to anything …

What I do hope, is that more people do not have to suffer like I have. I hope six weeks from now they don’t wake with a headache like I have. I hope they can taste and smell. I hope they can take this seriously and start making progress towards truly ending this pandemic.

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