The Dark Days

We had never felt anything like it. This virus is incredibly powerful and so unexpected. My children tested positive on August 21, I started symptoms on the 20th but didn’t test until the 24th after my children received their results. My husband managed to avoid symptoms for awhile but fell ill the 28th. He was tested through his work on the 31st and was also positive. This virus is incredibly contagious.

For me, the darkest days were day 7 through day 21. I never had a fever or cough, but I am convinced I have had every other possible symptom. During this time I could barely lift my head off my pillow. Everything is a blur, and I remember very little from this period. My head was in so much pain and it radiated around my skull and down my neck and back. Lifting my head would make me so dizzy that I vomited on a few occasions. I also suffered other horrible GI issues that kept me up at night and laying in the bathroom during the day. I passed out twice from pain. Nothing would touch this pain.

On two different occasions I had a gallbladder attack. I have had these before so I recognized the pain. I had a kidney stone in my right kidney in January 2019, and that kidney suddenly ached again. My throat was sore and my glands felt sore and swollen. My head was tender to the touch and burned inside. My muscles ached, my joints hurt, and I had a horrible case of the chills and night sweats. Around day 7 is when I lost my taste and smell which I still do not have back as of today. I often felt like a knife was stabbing under my right shoulder blade. I have since learned that could have been lung related, but thankfully my oxygen levels remained normal.

This was an incredibly difficult time because we all were sick and so contagious. I tried to work through it for a few days and ended up having to throw in the towel and take about 4 days off. I returned by only working half days because anything beyond that was unmanageable. I say this as a person who always works from home and can work from my bed. My vision has been impacted. I’m exhausted. When one symptom lightens up, another one comes along and knocks you off your feet.

Today is 5 weeks since my positive test and my sixth week of being symptomatic. I sleep so poorly because of this disease. Something (a headache, stomach pain, nausea) is always waking me up. I go to see my doctor today for a physical. I am hoping to get some more ideas or answers to help ease my recovery.

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