The Dog Days of April

Reality had set in. The extended spring break for my children transitioned into schools closed for the foreseeable future; and then distance learning commenced. April was a month of suspended disbelief. Yet, reality had set in. Divisions were starting. 

I was all over the place emotionally. I enjoy physical exercise and am a runner first and foremost. We purchased a treadmill for the basement since gyms were closed. We signed up for virtual races to fill the gaping holes that quarantine left. I did online Beachbody videos and took Zoom yoga classes. I was racing towards some semblance of normalcy and connection. 

April is also the month I ghosted Facebook. What had started as “we are all in this together” had shifted to “I am in this for myself”. Arguments raged online about masks, shelter in place orders, and constitutional freedoms. Suddenly everyone was an infectious disease expert. We anxiously watched the news as case numbers, hospitalizations and positivity rates climbed in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois and yet people were still debating if it was a hoax. There were mixed messages everywhere, and a 30 day vacation from Facebook was perfectly timed. 

Living in Chicagoland, the spring was hard. Hospitalizations were high along with positivity rates. Unfortunately, the states hit hard during those early months also had high fatality rates. Some of this is due to early decisions made when information was limited, and some due to the fact that there was no treatment that doctors could agree upon. To get tested, at this point, you had to be symptomatic. In April, the key symptoms were fever and cough. Many people without fevers or coughs were not tested which would come back to haunt them when the CARES Act was passed. The lack of an organized response was laying the groundwork for this to continue for months to come. 

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